Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Objection to construction of additional pier floors at Central Piers Nos. 4, 5 and 6.

Legislative Panel on Transport,

This is a formal objection to the construction of additional pier floors at Central Piers Nos. 4, 5 and 6 which has been tabled for discussion on 24 May 2013 (Paper - CB(1)1059/12-13(07) refers). See link below:



This project has been justified on a number of grounds, including:

(a) to provide assistance to the ferry operators to sustain the financial viability of the ferry services, including cross-subsidise the operation of these ferry services (See para 6);

(b) adoption of a green design (See para 8);

(c) provision of open space for public enjoyment and for carrying out various activities to enhance vibrancy of the waterfront (See para 8);

In fact the project is being touted on its “Energy Conservation, Green and Recycled Features”.


Bearing the above in mind, this objection is made on the following grounds:

(a) One of the ferry companies which will be subsidised in this project is New World First Ferry, who operate some of the worst marine polluting vessels in Hong Kong (See the pictures below).
New World First Ferry has been polluting with impunity for years and have no intention of stopping.

(b) In the photographs below, look at the smoke cone left by New World First Ferry ferries as they dock. These ferries are emitting exhaust fumes directly into a work environment and a public area, exposing both their employees and their passengers to high levels of particulate pollution on a daily basis, and the plan calls for further exposing the public to high levels of particulate pollution through the provision of open spaces.


It would be wrong in principle and wrong in practice to subsidise the criminal behavior of New World First Ferry with funds from the public purse.

It is therefore requested that this proposal be rejected until either New World First Ferry take appropriate measures to stop their polluting ways, or a new and more responsible vessel operator is found.

For consideration.
Hong Kong Pollution Watch.

Smoke cone at Pier 5

Xin Guang departing Pier 5 on 6 November 2012

Various ferries at Pier 5 on 30 November 2012


12 December 2012

Xin Guo

Xin Fei berthing and departing 

Xin Guang departing Pier 5 on 13 December 2012

Xin Guang berthing at Pier 5 on 20 February 2013

22 February 2013 at Pier 5

Xin Guo berthing 

Xin Guo departing

Xin Fei berthing 

Xin Guang berthing 

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